BitGov – Voters without borders

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Imagine what someone else would want to post on your wall about signing up for your project.


What if we could hear the voice of every voter, what if every citizen could vote safely and wisely, and what if every voter could see the choices of citizens globally? What if we could make democracy global and have it be transparent?




[…] no matter what we propose for these grand challenges, governments will ultimately form policies aimed at addressing these pressing issues. Unless we improve governance, our solutions are futile.


After late-night discussions with my classmates acknowledging this reality, six of us started a project called Bitgov which ‪enables citizens to vote on proposed legislation anywhere and anytime, regardless of nationality. It aims to make it easy for people to understand legislation, but also to express their opinions and join in the decision-making process.


Here’s how the technology works: 


Public opinion is gauged using algorithms to find the most significant social media posts and the opinion leaders. ‪We also provide policy makers with clear insights into the sentiments of voters. The endgame is to create a platform for global governance without borders.


There are already many organizations and companies like Ushadidi, the Sunlight Foundation, the Open Knowledge Foundation, Code for America, and Popvox that aim to make government more transparent and accountable. “However, seeing collecting people’s opinions as either just big data business or simply a civic movement wouldn’t bring governance to the next level. We must combine these two perspectives in a global and local scales to create sustainable governance tools,” says Roberto Alveraz, a Brazilian entrepreneur and Bitgov partner.


Already, BitCoin has disrupted currencies by presenting a net-aware global currency to replace the outdated infrastructure. Starting out virtually, it soon gained real traction. Governance will follow the same path. As Ilse Gayl, chairman of OneRain (a company of rainfall experts) and Bitgov partner, says: “We need civilization infrastructures for our future.”


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