The Time Is Now – Russell Brand – YouTube

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“Only systems that serve the planet and the population of the planet can be allowed to survive.”


“As long as people are empowered with information, if people are unified, if people have a common understanding and are prepared to look at what we share, what unifies us, instead of what separates us, then the people are invincible.”


“We need to see politics as the implementation of spiritual principles, of oneness, togetherness, tolerance of one another, and making sure that people are taken care of.”


“There is going to be a revolution; it’s simply going to happen.  I ain’t got a flicker of doubt.  This is the end!  This is time to wake up!”

Daniel LaLiberte‘s insight:

Even though a revolution appears inevitable, at least in the sense of enormous changes at all levels of our society, it can either be a process of destructive chaos, or creative emergence, or a mix of both.  We have a lot of work ahead of us no matter what, but it will be less work, and less painful, if we can transition more peacefully in a spirit of cooperation, though with all due haste. 

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