Fighting for Election Transparency – With Science – WhoWhatWhy

Our automated vote recording and tabulation system cannot be trusted. At least that’s what one statistician thinks, and she is not staying silent about it. Here is the story of how one person took on the bureaucracy in order to protect the integrity of our democracy.


Clarkson came across a statistics paper on the internet ( titled “Republican Primary Election 2012 Results: Amazing Statistical Anomalies.”


The authors of the paper found that in elections all over the country where electronic voting machines were used, a strange pattern kept appearing: the larger the number of registered voters in the voting precinct, the larger the Republican vote. Since precinct size should have no effect on the vote distribution, the authors concluded  that the data “indicates overwhelming evidence of election manipulation.”

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Proper democracy requires many things, including trust in a fair election system, something that is lacking throughout the world. Americans should be especially embarrassed by the election fraud in our midst, and doing everything we can to ensure everyone’s votes counts.

See on Scoop.itGlobal Consensus


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