How do we encourage the emergence of a global consensus on the large number of critical issues that the world is facing? How should we even decide among the most pressing problems and possible solutions? How can we avoid conflict and move forward quickly and effectively, together in peace, to make life better for everyone?

This blog is one of several social networks that are part of the Global Consensus project. The most active components so far are the facebook GlobalConsensus Page and GlobalConsensus Group, and the twitter account http://twitter.com/GlobalConsensus.

Please join in and help.


One Response to “About”

  1. Mr. Jan Hearthstone Says:

    I think it would be quite easy to achieve a consensus on what the Earth (humanity) should look like, providing we all agree that we all would be transparently sustainable (never mind at what level of complexity of sustainability).
    Please read:

    “The Seed Vision:
    Universal Model of Sustainable Earth”

    Thank you, Hearthstone.

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