Why Global Consensus?

Why Global?

The world is a big place, big enough that we still have troubles getting together with our neighbors in neighboring towns, let alone on continents across the oceans.

However, the world is rapidly shrinking in many ways.

  • Local problems anywhere in the world are soon problems for the entire world. We are all increasingly interconnected, which is a good thing if we can use it to fix our problems before they spin out of control.
  • Using electronic telecommunications and the internet, we can connect with anyone in the world in an instant. We don’t need to travel anywhere in order to do any of the things that merely require our presence of mind.

With our rapid rate of industrial growth, we now have many global problems that seem to be no one’s responsibility. Every nation, acting in its own best self-interest, has the incentive to exploit its “own” resources and the shared resources of the world such as the oceans and atmosphere. Every person and corporate entity has the incentive to get what they can before someone else beats them to it. And so we all suffer as a consequence. This is called the “Tragedy of the Commons” . Read the rest of this entry »